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Collision Related Frame Repairs
in shinnston, wv

I-CAR Certification to Promote Safety and Security for Our Clients

Rick’s Collision Inc. is here for you in Shinnston for your post-accident repairs. We are there for you through any accident, no matter how severe.

Rick’s Collision Inc. is I-CAR Certified, proving that we have the skills, performance, and the precision needed for your collision repairs. I-CAR certification is very prestigious and takes plenty of intensive training and testing to accomplish. We feel this intensive training is necessary to bring our customers the best car care possible.

You can trust Rick’s Collision Inc. with any emergency auto repair that you need. We want our customers to feel safe and secure on the road again, and we understand that it is hard to get around without a vehicle. We promise quality repairs with a speedy turnaround. There is no need to sacrifice precision for speed with Rick’s Collision Inc. Call us at (304) 592-3383 to find out more today.

Frame Repair and Reconstruction to Renew Your Vehicle

We offer a variety of auto repair services to help repair and restore your car after any accident. We specialize in all kinds of frame repairs, including both unibody and body-on-frame vehicles.

Unibody vehicles are more modern and common today; the body of the car and the frame are built into one. These cars are made with lightweight materials without compromising safety, and helps reduce fuel usage by eliminating the unnecessary weight.

Body-on-frame construction is the traditional way of vehicle assembly. It is simply an underlying frame with the body parts of the vehicle on top. While this kind of construction is not common anymore, we still find it very necessary to have our professional mechanics able to perform standard frame repair. Everyone deserves to have their car up and running, no matter what the make of the car is.

Nothing completes a frame repair like a fresh coat of paint. After all, if you want your car to operate like new, it should look like new as well. We also have two specialized paint bake booths available to help us with paint repairs and touch-ups. For more information, visit at our Paint Repair page.

Brakes, Lights, and Other Internal Repairs Available

Sometimes damage goes past the exterior of the car. Many parts can get damaged in collision wrecks, such as brakes, lights, and windows.

We can assure you that there is no reason to worry; we can take care of these too. Rick’s Collision Inc. is truly a one-stop shop for any vehicle repairs you need.

Accessible Services Throughout Harrison County and West Virginia

We provide our auto repair services to Harrison County and surrounding regions of West Virginia. We want to make sure that our services are accessible to anyone in need, whether it is an emergency straight from the road or after the fact.

To find out more about our Service Areas, visit our page, or you can contact us directly to find out more information.